Wednesday, February 20, 2013

ICM Spring 2013 Kenya/Uganda Team Plans Underway

Greetings Friends and Family –

 First Baptist El Cajon MOM’s group is one of the opportunities Sheryl had to connect with leaders.

At the ICM USA office, we’ve implemented a weekly prayer time, led by Nigerian Pastor Victor Airiohuodion. We are committed to get things done God’s way, and that is by prayer. If you are in the area, please join us Mondays from 12 to 1 pm at the ICM USA office. I’m committed to pray for you regularly. Send your prayer needs to:

The ICM display attracts many interested in supporting the work in Africa.

I covet your prayers as we implement our strategic plan for 2013. One of our goals is to encourage Kingdom connections. God is allowing this to take place as I will be leading a Spring 2013 team from First Baptist El Cajon.

Jim Turner, Sheryl, Alisa & Pastor Kevin Rodgers, Ben Giesbrecht gather around Marsha & Ron Reece, with the Rodgers’ kids. Sheryl presented ICM opportunities at First Baptist El Cajon .

I am thrilled to announce my non-fiction book “Get Back Up: Trusting God When Life Knocks You Down,” will soon be available through Amazon and on bookstore shelves. It is very exciting to see how God will use my story to connect ICM with those who want to invest in leaders.

Get Back Up:Trusting God When Life Knocks You Down - Available at

Upcoming events:

2/19 – MOPS Calvary Bible Church, Bakersfield, CA

2/20 – AWANA First Presbyterian Church, Bakersfield, CA

2/24 – Missions Conference – Parkside Church, Bakersfield, CA

3/20 to 3/26 - Atlanta & Cummings, GA – North Pointe Church & Walk Thru the Bible  meetings

4/6 – Women’s Retreat – First Baptist Lake Isabella, 4201 Ardmore Ave, Suite 2, Bakersfield  (open registration)

4/12 to 14 – Women’s Retreat – Cambria, CA - Rosedale Bible Church

4/19 & 20 – CMTA (Formerly GLASS Convention)

5/1 to 5/23 – ATS Graduation/ATS Summit meetings/First Baptist El Cajon Team  to Kenya & Uganda

9/12 to 23 – Purpose Driven Conference Team  to Ethiopia

As you can see, my schedule is packed with ministry.This year, I am in need of $15,000.00 in travel and conference costs. I look forward to see how He plans to meet the needs of this work

Much love and prayers,

“They triumphed over him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony.” Rev. 12:11



  1. I stumbled onto this website while browsing the South Mountain Community Church page. It very much sparked my interest because two years ago, for one month I lived with a tribe in the Samburu Desert located in Northern Kenya. It was a rare opportunity to go with someone that was like family with the tribe and not an organization. I was taken in like one of their own and really saw the interworking’s of the community. This area is very remote and virtually untouched. There was a catholic church in a nearby town called Wamba but other than that, not much civilization. The Kenyan people migrated to the desolate area due to the English paying off the African government and taking the land. So there they dwell trying to survive each day and grow their community. The prior year I spent fund rasing with an group called Jazz for Peace. The two of us took funds and built pit toilets and feed small business centers she had instilled.
    While I visited a local market (which didn’t offer much) an African woman sitting in the dirt grabbed my hand and shouted “Christian….. Jesus” and hugged me. I wasn’t wearing my cross, I suppose just the fact that I was white she thought Christian. It was amazing at the hope Jesus stood for with this woman. Thru Jesus two souls connected from opposite sides of the world, from two different walks of life. It was love at its purist.
    If you are connected or would like to be with this area of Africa feel free to contact me.
    I'm in Salt lake City, Utah

    Michelle Young

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